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Since 2008, the Newsletter on Measuring the Progress of Societies has been a great vehicle for providing up-to-date information on progress community activities and new initiatives, including the use of indicators and upcoming progress events. Today the Wikiprogress eBrief, issued on a monthly basis, is an even better means for keeping up to date on what’s happening in the measuring progress community. We have therefore decided to no longer produce the newsletter and invite you to subscribe to the eBrief by clicking here. We thank all those who contributed to making the Newsletter such an interesting source of information over the past four years.

Final edition:

     Newsletter on Measuring the Progress of Societies     


Dear Partners and Friends,

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very happy New Year and all the best for 2012. We are pleased to announce the launch of an all new interactive Newsletter on Measuring the Progress of Societies which we hope will foster even more synergies amongst progress initiatives around the world. The Newsletter now features articles available directly in Wikiprogress, allowing readers to not only learn about what’s happening in the progress community but also to contribute their knowledge.

This 10th issue of the Newsletter on Measuring the Progress of Societies features two interesting initiatives happening in New Zealand and Canada, looks at the latest on measuring progress in terms of gender equality and explores how spending on family policies can affect child well-being. Finally, it focuses on a recent report on social cohesion and a new publication that looks at some of the elements that determine people’s sense of well-being that go beyond the purely economic aspects. You can access the individual articles by clicking on the following links:

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We look forward to seeing you soon on Wikiprogress.

The Global Office

Newsletter archive

In this issue: UK Developments in Measuring National Well-being; Why Social Cohesion matters for progress?; A Global Research Network on Measuring Progress; Measuring Well-being in Italy, the ISTAT-CNEL Initiative; The OECD Better Life Initiative; The Spanish Initiative and the OECD-hosted Global Project on Measuring the Progress of Societies; The Latin American Conference marks a first step towards the 4th OECD World Forum on Statistics, Knowledge and Policies; Redefining Prosperity: Milestones for Public Debate

In this issue: Overview of the 20th Anniversary Human Development Report; Launching of the Multidimensional Poverty Index; Slovenia reflects on better measures of people's well-being; Report from the "Innovative Approaches to Turn Statistics into Knowledge" seminar in South Africa; An update of Measuring Australia's Progress; New publication from the Sustainable Society Index

In this issue: Introduction from the OECD Chief Statistician, Martine Durand; A strategic overview of the OECD's contribution to the Global Project; Measuring Progress in Italy; Highlights from the 3rd OECD World Forum on "Statistics, Knowledge and Policy; Using DevInfo to Measure the Progress of Societies; Arizona Indicators; The UNDP HDR Report: 20 years on. Released July 1st 2010.

In this issue: Ecological Footprint Accounting; Measuring the Progress of Communities; Switzerland moves on!; The Global Social Change Research Project; Superme Audit Institutions application of progress measurement Key National Indicators; Liveability audit in regional Queensland, Australia. Highlights: 3rd OECD World Forum, Busan, Korea - 27-30 October 2009. Global Project on "Measuring the Progress of Societies".

In this Issue: Is the West really the Best? (Australia 21 Ltd.); Project to measure progress: Internet service with a hundred indicators (Finland); Quality of Life: A Framework for Assessing the Progress of Societies (Mexico). Highlights: 3rd OECD World Forum, Busan, Korea - 27-30 October 2009. Global Project on "Measuring the Progress of Societies"; Governance Structure, Training Courses and Future Events.

In this Issue: Experts discuss issues on Progress;National Accounts of Well-Being (UK); Australian Treasury’s Well-being Framework; Sustainable Society Index (SSI) in Romania; Beyond GDP, Mexico, Gross National Happiness in Brazil. Highlights: Global Project on Measuring the Progress of Societies, including Training Courses and Future Events; Paradiso Conference - Proceedings; Sustainability Modelling.

Global Project's features, goals and activities. Measures to go beyond classical GDP's definition: The Global Peace Index, Gross National Happiness (Bhutan), Indicators from Hungary. Events and Initiatives related to Global Poject work: “Measuring the Progress of Societies: Key Issues for the Asia and Pacific region” (Kyoto, Japan); DD4D – Data Designed for Decisions Conference (Paris, France).

Discussions and articles to develop social indicators and measures to provide how well-being of a society is evolving and around the measurement of progress. Events related to Training on "Statistics, Knowledge and Policy: Understanding Societal Change" (Siena, Italy 2008).

Analysis about the development of new data and new measures to reflect Progress of Society : Canadian Index of Wellbeing, Oxford Poverty Human & Development Initiative. Report on the Third International Conference on Gross National Happiness (Thailand).

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