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Global Indicator Projects Regional Indicator Projects
Club de Madrid
Conversations for a Better World
The Center for Global Development
Development Initiatives
Human Development Index
Human Poverty Index
Indices of Social Development
Initiatives of Change Centre for Governance
Indices of Social Development
Multidimensional Poverty Index
Overseas Development Institute
Paris 21
World Development Indicators - World Bank

Environment and well-being
Global Footprint Network
Global Social Change Research Project
Kyoto Protocol
Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Happy Planet Index
Human Poverty Index
Indices of Social Development
Multidimensional Poverty Index
The Basic Capabilities Index

Better Life Initiative
Community Indicators Consortium
Gallup Social and Economic Analysis
Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index
Gallup on Progress and Well-being
Global Progress Research Network
The Global Project on Measuring the Progress of Societies
Millennium Development Goals
Societal Progress Indicators and Responsibilities for All (SPIRAL)
Sustainable Society Index

The Global Peace Index
Peace Dot

Institute for Economics and Peace
Inter-American Development Bank
International IDEA
International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies
World Future Council
New Economics Foundation
Governance Assessment Portal
Failed States Index
Sustainable Governance Indicators
The Web Index

Gender Institutions and Development Database

Subjective Well-Being
Happy City
Happy Income Index
World Database of Happiness
Beyond GDP
Common Indicators - Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunity, European Commission
Europe 2020 - Eurostat
Environment Europe
African Child Policy Forum
African Development Bank
Africa Progress Panel
African Monitor

See the PDF of National Initiatives on Measuring Well-being (April 2012)

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