A Life Free from Hunger- Tackling child malnutrition

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A Life Free from Hunger- Tackling child malnutrition
Save the Children
Save the Children

The world has enough food for everyone, but millions of children face a life sentence of hunger and malnutrition – the hidden reason so many die.

This report analyses the causes of malnutrition, focusing on chronic malnutrition and stunting in children. It identifies solutions that are proven to be effective:

direct interventions, such as exclusive breastfeeding, micronutrient supplementation and fortification indirect interventions, such as introducing social protection programmes, and adapting agricultural production to meet the nutritional needs of children. Crucially, this report then examines the political factors that contribute to the global burden of hunger and malnutrition.

Action must be taken now to prevent the crisis deteriorating and even more children suffering the life-long consequences. This report recommends how governments, multilateral agencies, business and individuals can play their part in tackling the problem – and help give every child a life free from hunger.

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